Sleeping Giant Loppet 35km - Classic or Skate Technique

Start Time: 9:30 am EST, Bus Departs Park Office at 9:00 am EST

A medium distance event for those who want more of a challenge than 20 km, but aren’t ready to move up to the 50km. Participants will be bussed from the Park Office at the Marie Louise Lake Campground to Checkpoint Two for a separate start. The course will include the scenic and challenging Pickerel Lake and Burma Trails and will end at the same finish line as the other distances. Although the event is timed, no prizes will be awarded. Organizers reserve the right to limit registration when capacity has been reached. All skiers will receive a 2019 Nordmin chocolate gold medal! Ages 14 and up.

Please note: the 35km course starts at Checkpoint Two. There is no parking at Checkpoint Two. All 35km skiers must park at the Marie Louise Lake campground and be bussed to the start.

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