Sleeping Giant Loppet News


What is a "Loppet"?

We've had a lot of people asking us what a "loppet" is and why we changed the name of the event from Sibley Ski Tour to Sleeping Giant Loppet in 2009. Good questions.   

The word "loppet" has its origins in Scandinavian culture and commonly refers to a mass participation cross country ski event which includes longer, marathon length distances and both recreational and competitive elements. Some definitions refer to a loppet as a "citizen's race."   Participants usually challenge themselves [more...]


The Sleeping Giant Loppet is accessible for persons with mobility issues or visual impairment. The out and back 8km Mini-Loppet is suitable for athletes using adaptive equipment such as sit-skis. Persons with a disability may contact Loppet Coordinator with any questions or to secure preferential parking.