50km Skiathlon - 22km Classic + 28km Skate

Start Time: 9:45am EST

Can’t decide whether to ski classic or skate technique! Why not try the skiathlon event?

"Skiing the 2017 Sleeping Giant Skiathlon was the most fun I have ever had in a 50km race! Starting with the 50km classic skiers was great, as we had a really strong group to ski with for the first half. The transition was a good opportunity to rest and refuel a bit, and it was nice to use a different set of muscles the second half. It was also fun to be able to watch the men's 50km skate race as the leaders skied by me. The feed stations were plentiful enough that I didn't need to carry a bottle, and the Loppet volunteers were amazing, as always! Can't wait for next year's event!"
Becky Puiras

  • Skiers will ski classic technique for the first 22kms to checkpoint #3 and then switch to skate equipment for the remaining 28km of the 50km distance.
  • Participants will start and finish the event at the normal start/finish location.
  • Skate equipment must be dropped off at the Park Office parking lot on Loppet morning and will transported to the checkpoint #3 transition area.
  • Classic equipment will be transported back to the finish line for retrieval. 
  • All skiers will receive a 2020 Nordmin chocolate medal.
  • It’s a fun addition to the Loppet that allows skiers to challenge themselves with both classic and skate techniques!

NEW!! The fastest three female and male skiers will receive unique Loppet pottery mugs.

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