Volunteer Contact

To volunteer for the 2021 Sleeping Giant Loppet please e-mail Loppet Coordinator for information.

 Volunteer Listing by Group 2020 - Thanks to Everyone! Some people assist in more than one area but are listed only once.

Goshgarian Cy   Announcer
Maddox Al   Announcer
McMullen Rick   Awards Social
Robinson Anne   Awards Social
Whitney Kim   Awards Social
Edwards Craig   Canadian Ski Patrol
 Jarzebinski Rob   Canadian Ski Patrol
Jeppessen Kendall   Canadian Ski Patrol
Kormos Chris   Canadian Ski Patrol
Ledressay Nicole   Canadian Ski Patrol
McKutcheon Linda   Canadian Ski Patrol
Newman Dexter   Canadian Ski Patrol
Paci Chris   Canadian Ski Patrol
Peterson Amanda   Canadian Ski Patrol
Peterson Jeff   Canadian Ski Patrol
Roy Matt   Canadian Ski Patrol
Shepard Dave   Canadian Ski Patrol
Whipp Paul   Canadian Ski Patrol
Bauer Fred   Checkpoint 1
Booth Raven   Checkpoint 1
Brown Shelly   Checkpoint 1
Carolan Ned   Checkpoint 1
Henderson Avery   Checkpoint 1
Henderson Jay   Checkpoint 1
Higgins Liz   Checkpoint 1
Loppacher Jim   Checkpoint 1
Stanley Martha   Checkpoint 1
Wigglesworth Emily   Checkpoint 1
Crooks Mary Louise   Checkpoint 2
Kaszor Hilary   Checkpoint 2
Kaszor Nicolette   Checkpoint 2
Kuipery Rachael   Checkpoint 2
Niemi Elaine   Checkpoint 2
Pedron Sylvia   Checkpoint 2
Bordagaray   Checkpoint 3
Barry Mary Lee   Checkpoint 3
Matula Mike   Checkpoint 3
MacIntosh Karin   Checkpoint 3
Pratt Lyn   Checkpoint 3
Sandberg Anders   Checkpoint 3
Sidlar Jim   Checkpoint 3
Storozuk Christine   Checkpoint 3
Vourinen Eero   Checkpoint 3
Wheatley Lucas   Checkpoint 3
Bragg Bill   Checkpoint 4
Bragg David   Checkpoint 4
Graba Brian   Checkpoint 4
Holm Paul   Checkpoint 4
Juurakko Ray   Checkpoint 4
Mintenko Alex   Checkpoint 4
Tarnawsky Morris   Checkpoint 4
Belluz Adam   Checkpoint 5
Belluz Kyler   Checkpoint 5
Geddes Carly   Checkpoint 5
Geddes Erica   Checkpoint 5
Lehtinen Sam   Checkpoint 5
Lehtinen Eric   Checkpoint 5
Sineoni Alison   Checkpoint 5
Sineoni Maya   Checkpoint 5
Sineoni Nicole   Checkpoint 5
Ventrudo Dan   Checkpoint 5
Vukovich Mark   Checkpoint 5
Zachary Jill   Checkpoint 5
Cordeiro Laureen   Checkpoint 6
Hammond Cole   Checkpoint 6
Kotyk Eugene   Checkpoint 6
MacKay Mary   Checkpoint 6
Misener Cole   Checkpoint 6
Paterson Rob   Checkpoint 6
Roberts Dawson   Checkpoint 6
Workman Beth   Checkpoint 6
Workman Robert   Checkpoint 6
Hatton John   Finish Line
Johansen Kelsey   Finish Line
Crooks Peter   Grooming
Crooks Kerry   Kamview Nordic Centre
Hamilton Bev   Kamview Nordic Centre
Kivi Heather   Kamview Nordic Centre
Lewandowski Tina   Kamview Nordic Centre
Salmon Lis   Kamview Nordic Centre
Baumann Ed   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Chadwick Chris   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Cook Chelsea   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Cook Phil   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Gottfred Randy   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Hamilton Karl   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Hansen Bob   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Harris Brad   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Irwin Barry   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Letang Burnadette   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Letang Wayne   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Mcallister Randy   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Siebenmann Bettina   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Vaillant Mark   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Wallace Glen   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Van Wyck Rob   Lakehead Amateur Radio Club
Browning Morrow Linda   Organizing Committee
Clarke Olivia   Organizing Committee
Gallagher Peter   Organizing Committee
Hart Alison   Organizing Committee
McMullen Alison   Organizing Committee
Quinn Thomas   Organizing Committee
Rossi Kassandra   Organizing Committee
Stewart Greg   Organizing Committee
Stewart Marianne   Organizing Committee
Weber Launi   Organizing Committee
Bortolon Larry   Parking
Ketonen Ken   Parking
Knutson Ed   Parking
MacDonald Angus   Parking
Nemec Stan   Parking
Martin Doug   Parking
Plumridge Don   Parking
Sisco Gord   Parking
Speirs Glenn   Parking
Thingstad Jeff   Parking
Torich Tom   Parking
Baraniuk Rick   Photographer
Buske Anna   Photographer
Guay Daniel   Photographer
Mascarin Marty   Photographer
Ponka Glenn   Photographer
Rosin Christopher   Photographer
Sims John   Photographer
Addison Wendy   Registration
Allen Shawn   Registration
Allen Sue   Registration
Cameron Francis Jocelyn   Registration
Colyer Cecile   Registration
Crooks Susie   Registration
Darby Laura   Registration
Kennedy Debby   Registration
Lovis Grace   Registration
Lovis Sharon   Registration
Luckai Nancy   Registration
Magus Kim   Registration
McDonald Patrick   Registration
Mettam Hilary   Registration
Morrow Lorne   Registration
Nistico Susan   Registration
Ozburn George   Registration
Paddington Alison   Registration
Parent Bernice   Registration
Perreault Angel   Registration
Ripley Mary Ellen   Registration
Robertson Kelly   Registration
Scott Ray   Registration
Smith Mary Ellen   Registration
Woodhouse -Wild Angela   Registration
Caccamo Matt   Resolute
Castellan Susan   Resolute
Lavoie Robbin   Resolute
Marchl Ashleigh   Resolute
Darby Laura   Road Crossing 50k
Magill Murray   Road Crossing 50k
Magill Ryan   Road Crossing 50K
Panula Wendell   Road Crossing 50k
Surowow Cindy   Road Crossing 50k
Wiwcharyk Gary   Road Crossing 50k
Wiwcharyk Jan   Road Crossing 50k
Turriff Tim   Road Crossing-Park
Coghlan Bob   Set Up Crew
Keyes Jim   Set Up Crew
Kinnunen Hannu   Set Up Crew
Kinnunen Marjorie   Set Up Crew
Morrison Don   Set Up Crew
Phillips Brian   Set Up Crew
Saraka Norm   Set Up Crew
Stewart Ewan   Set Up Crew
Stewart Isobel   Set Up Crew
Twigg John   Set Up Crew
Dawes Tom   Skiathlon Equipment
Ricci Mario   Skiathlon Equipment
Shanks Meghan   Skiathlon Equipment
Carl Christian   Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
Jakobsen Terry   Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
Jakobsen Kristian   Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
McEwan Robert   Sleeping Giant Provincial Park
Furfaro Dan   Snow Machine
Jakobsen Dylan   Snow Machine
Ronquest "Rocky" Carl   Snow Machine
Vella-Garrick Menowaywin   Snow Machine
Quirion Roger   Start 35k Event
Armstrong Wendy   Thunder Bay Timing
Bucci Roberto   Thunder Bay Timing
Cassan Jim   Thunder Bay Timing
Dewsberry Fred   Thunder Bay Timing
Fairhurst Steve   Thunder Bay Timing
Friday John   Thunder Bay Timing
Johnston Aidan   Thunder Bay Timing
Kivi Danny   Thunder Bay Timing
Lawson John   Thunder Bay Timing
Lawson Myla   Thunder Bay Timing
Lovis Peter   Thunder Bay Timing
Oikonen Brian   Thunder Bay Timing
Oikonen Tana   Thunder Bay Timing
Quinn Damon   Thunder Bay Timing
Ryan Gord   Thunder Bay Timing
Tesolin Claudio   Thunder Bay Timing
Wright Sue   Thunder Bay Timing
Field Bill   Trail Maintenance
Johnston Ross   Trail Maintenance
Mettam Rob   Trail Maintenance
Suttie Dave   Trail Maintenance
van Duyn Kevin   Trail Maintenance
Inkster Jan   Visitors' Centre
Peters Lynne   Visitors' Centre

Volunteer and Skier Awards Presentation and Party:

Saturday, March 7 2020.  6:30pm - 10:00pm - Sleeping Giant Brewery. 712 Macdonell Street (behind Pinewood Ford)

Free food for volunteers. Tap room open. Draw Prizes.

Volunteer Directions Maps

volunteer directions mapsite map access

[click maps to open PDFs with more detail]

Sleeping Giant Loppet Operations Schedule – Event Day - 2020






Bus leaves Nor’Wester




Bus leaves Days Inn




Two buses leave College




Bus leaves Lakehead University




Checkpoint #1 Loads




Checkpoint #4 Loads




Checkpoint #2 Loads




Checkpoint #6 Loads




Checkpoint #3 Loads




Buses arrive at SGPP,  LU student bus arrives




Checkpoint #5 Loads




Buses pick up 35k skiers at park office




Park road crossing closed to traffic




50k Classic and Skiathlon event start




35k event starts at Checkpoint #2




First wave of  50k and 20k starts




8k event starts




Cut-off time for 50k at 50/20 split




Checkpoint #6 closes



12 noon

Checkpoint #2 closes




Last 8km skier should be across road crossing




Checkpoint #3 closes




First bus leaves




Second bus leaves




Checkpoint #4 closes




Checkpoint #1 closes




Third bus leaves




Checkpoint #5 closes




Finish Line closes




All equipment returned to maintenance building




Social opens at Sleeping Giant Brewery




Awards Presented




Social Ends