Sleeping Giant Loppet:  Park n' Ride 

Price: $10 for Adults - Free for children and students

Three luxury coaches provided by Ontario Northland will be used to transport skiers from Thunder Bay to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park for the Loppet on March 4th 2023. All buses leave Confederation College (parking lot D, close to Thunder Bay Art Gallery) at 7:30am with an intended park arrival time of 8:45am. Parking is free at Confederation College. A fourth bus will transport student volunteers from Lakehead University. After the Loppet, buses will leave at 1:00pm, 2:30pm and 4:00pm.     All buses will return to Confederation College.

Top ten reasons for riding the bus to the Loppet:

  1. It’s a luxury coach, not a school bus.
  2. It has a warm, comfy bathroom!
  3. Three return times to suit your schedule.
  4. No need to concentrate on driving, eat your breakfast on the way to the park.
  5. You get dropped off as close to the start as possible.
  6. You reduce the parking congestion.
  7. The price is $10-much cheaper than a tank of gas!
  8. By carpooling, you are earth friendly.
  9. Your kids will love it and they ride free.
  10. You can have a snooze on the way home.

Ontario Northland